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1 AVAILABLE: Original Factory Urethane Rear Bumper Cover for 987.1
Only used for Mock up # 987 505 411 39
1 AVAILABLE: Original Factory Urethane Front Bumper Cover for 981 GT4
Used for Mock up # 981 505 311 80
1 AVAILABLE: 997 Roof (Carbon Blemish) $999.00/pair

GT4 Brake Ducts


GT4 Light harness


GT4 Center Duct


GT4 Lights and Duct Surrounds Part

GT4 Duct Surrounds and Light Set


GT4 Dive Planes

$299.00 - FRP

$399.00 - CF

GT4 Splitter

$349.00 - FRP

$499.00 - CF

GT4 Radiator Ducts



987/GT4 Front Bumper for Street

$1,899.00 - FRP

$2,199.00 - CF

Cayman 987 Front Bumper GT4 style for Track. Specify 987.1 or 987.2.

Includes Front Bumper, Splitter, Left/Right Radiator Ducts, and Left/Right/Center Surrounds and Grill Screens.

DOES NOT include OPTIONAL GT4 Driving Lights and Wiring Harness.

Call- GT4 Driving Lights and Harness

Cayman 987 Front Bumper GT4 for Track Part

Cayman 987 Front Bumper GT4 Style for Track

$1,699.00 - FRP

$1,899.00 - CF

Cayman 987 front bumper GT4 style for track.

718 GT4 Rear Bumper Part

2020 718 GT4-Style Rear Bumper

$1,899.00 - FRP

$2,299.00 - CF

New for 2020. 718 GT4-style rear bumper.

Cayman Cup Front Bumper Brake Ducts

Cayman Cup Brake Ducts

$349.00 - FRP

$429.00 - CF

997 cup style front brake ducts replace the auxiliary driving lights.

For use with 998 bumper version for Cayman.

Cayman Cup Front Bumper Dive Planes

Cayman 987 Dive Planes

$299.00 - FRP

$399.00 - CF

Attach to the sides of the front bumper to increase front downforce.

Fits both Gen 1 and 2 987.

987-GT3 Front Bumper

987 GT3 Front Bumper

$1,899.00 - FRP

$2199.00 CF With Opaque Surface Coat

For Cayman Gen 1 and 2. This is the same bumper used on 997 Gen 2 cup cars.

For use with brake ducts or 997.2 LED Driving Lights.

Includes new left and right radiator ducts and FRP Splitter.

Add $499.00 for optional Porsche Factory plastic splitter.

Cayman Cup RS Splitter Part

Cayman Cup RS Front Splitter


997 cup style plastic front splitter.

splitter full floor

987 Splitter, Full Floor

$1,099.00 - FRP

$1,499.00 - CF

This is for Track Cars only.

It has the interseries splitter profile with a complete floor extending under the front bumper. For additional mounting security, the front attachment flange is secured over the stock lip.

Iseries 3 piece splitter

Interseries Splitter 3 Piece

$899.00 - FRP

$1,099.00 - CF

A new, 3-piece front splitter for track and street. May be used in the left and right 2-piece configuration or the full wraparound style.

Sections are also available separately.

Specify 987 Gen 1 or Gen 2.


Interseries Splitter

$819.00 - FRP

$999.00 - CF

Front Splitter as used on GEN2 Interseries cars. Specify year and model.

981 Cayman S 3-Piece Splitter part

981 S 3 Piece Front Splitter

$ 899.00 FRP

$1,099.00 CF

Call to order, 951-686-6418, or email at

981 Cayman GTS 2 Piece Front Splitter-part

981 GT2 2 Piece Front Splitter

$799.00 FRP

$969.00 CF

Call to order, 951-686-6418, or email at

981 Dive Planes

$ Call

Call to order, 951-686-6418, or email at