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Interseries Splitter

$739.00 - FRP

$859.00 - CF

Front Splitter as used on GEN2 Interseries cars. Specify year and model.

Iseries 3 piece splitter

Interseries Splitter 3 Piece

$829.00 - FRP

$949.00 - CF

A new, 3-piece front splitter for track and street. May be used in the left and right 2-piece configuration or the full wraparound style.

Sections are also available separately.

Specify 987 Gen 1 or Gen 2.

splitter full floor

987 Splitter, Full Floor

$1,099.00 - FRP

$1,499.00 - CF

This is for Track Cars only.

It has the interseries splitter profile with a complete floor extending under the front bumper. For additional mounting security, the front attachment flange is secured over the stock lip.

Cayman GT3 Cup Bumper 987 Part Pic

987 GT3 Front Bumper

$1,499.00 - FRP

$1,899.00 - CF

For Cayman Gen 1 and 2. This is the same bumper used on 997 Gen 2 cup cars.

For use with brake ducts or LED lights.

Includes new left and right radiator ducts.

Add $499.00 for optional plastic splitter.

Cayman Cup RS Splitter Part

Cayman Cup RS Front Splitter


997 cup style plastic front splitter.

Cayman Cup Front Bumper Dive Planes

Cayman 987 Dive Planes

$299.00 - FRP

$399.00 - CF

Attach to the sides of the front bumper to increase front downforce.

Fits both Gen 1 and 2 987.

Cayman Cup Front Bumper Brake Ducts

Cayman Cup Brake Ducts

$349.00 - FRP

$429.00 - CF

997 cup style front brake ducts replace the auxiliary driving lights.

For use with 998 bumper version for Cayman.

Cayman 987 Front Bumper GT4 for Track Part

Cayman 987 Front Bumper GT4 Style for Track

$1,499.00 - FRP

$1,899.00 - CF

Cayman 987 front bumper GT4 style for track.


Cayman 987 Front Bumper GT4 Style for Street

$1,599.00 - FRP

$1,899.00 - CF

GT4-style Front Bumper for 987. Specify 987.1 or 987.2.

Includes Front Bumper, Splitter, Left/Right Radiator Ducts, and Left/Right/Center Surrounds and Grill Screens.

DOES NOT include OPTIONAL GT4 Driving Lights and Wiring Harness.

GT4 Radiator Ducts


GT4 Splitter

$349.00 - FRP

$499.00 - CF

GT4 Dive Planes

$299.00 - FRP

$399.00 - CF

GT4 Lights and Duct Surrounds Part

GT4 Duct Surrounds and Light Set


GT4 Center Duct


GT4 Light harness


GT4 Brake Ducts

$349.00 - FRP

$429.00 - CF

718 GT4 Rear Bumper Part

2020 718 GT4-Style Rear Bumper

$1,599.00 - FRP

$1,999.00 - CF

New for 2020. 718 GT4-style rear bumper.



All sales are final. No returns. Prepaid by check.

1 AVAILABLE: 2010 997.2 Factory Urethane Cup Front Bumper (used for mock-ups only)

1 AVAILABLE: 997 Roof (Carbon Blemish)